Why U.S?

Aroon Capital, operating in the financial sector since 2008,
is a prestigious and known brand.

Aroon Capital

Aroon capital is an international intermediary institution serving more than 20000 investors in 14 countries.

To provide the best investment experience, aroon supports both professional investors and beginner investors by offering educational materials, the latest trading technologies and a fast trading platform to its customers.

It proceeds with the goal of providing its customers the best trading conditions possible and hassle-free access policy using expert consultants.

For you:

- Up to 1/200 leverage ratio
- Advantageous Account Groups
- Basic analysis support
- 5/24 Live Support
- EFT and Wire Transfer Options in TL-USD-EUR to T.C Corporate Bank Accounts


- Ensuring the same day sending of withdrawal requests made until 16:00 and 24/5 Deposit

Aroon Capital'de dilediğiniz para yatırım yöntemi ile yatırım yapabilirsiniz.
*Transfer / EFT
*Credit card
*Crypto Coins
*E Money