The main purpose of this BONUS type, which can be applied to newly opened accounts without funding, is to support the margin level and asset. Investors get more available margins with this bonus. If the accounts are suspended, BONUS is deducted from the account if the balance is minus digit. For example, in an account with a balance of 100 USD and a bonus of 30 USD, the BONUS will be deducted from the account if the balance is -0.01 USD (unless there is an open transaction). After the stop-out, if the new transaction is entered even though the balance is negative under the specified conditions, BONUS is deducted from the account and the transactions are closed due to lack of margin.


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It is a BONUS type that can be entitled to the closing of all transactions of the current investors as a result of stop-out and the balance status in a way that will not allow the transaction or in the minus household. Stop-Out Bonus is realized with the new fund investment after the existing transactions are closed. They can benefit from the amount of funds deposited and only in the case of the most recent account, where a stop-out occurs and there is not enough balance to open a transaction. In order to qualify for the Stop-Out bonus, the balance must be old or sufficient to open a trade. If there is an open transaction, bonus entry is provided after the account reset. For the stop-out bonus, an account reset (the balance and the credit part is brought to 0 units) must be made. Investors who have a stop-out on their account but have enough money to open a trade cannot benefit from this bonus. In order for the bonus to function, there is a condition for resetting the account and deducting the current bonus.


When trading with your existing investment account on Aroon Capital, you can become an IB with this step, as long as you make your investment transactions, benefit from the services and get a 10% Reference Bonus from the investors you bring.

For investors who have received a bonus for the main currency and provided the opportunity to strengthen the margin, it is required to have assets in the account as much as the main currency in the withdrawal (the amount of the bonus is the real asset). If investors withdrawing money withdraws an amount that will decrease from the main currency, their existing bonuses will be reduced. For example, if the investor starts trading with a USD 300 BONUS over 1000 USD, while the amount of profit he wants to shoot under 1000 USD real asset is deducted from the bonus account.

In case of a loss in the account situation, the bonuses of the investors who will withdraw money will be deducted from the account as there are fewer real assets than the main money. For example, if an investor who continues with 1000 USD and 300 USD BONUS has a 940 USD Bonus in his account as a result of loss, the real asset status falls below zero, that is, only with the BONUS account; If the real asset (calculated by subtracting the bonus from the asset) exceeds 0 point, if the customer continues his account by spending the bonus, he must deposit new funds. For example; In the case of 1000 balances and 300 BONUS, the general asset (equity) is 299 USD and it is now possible to use the portion of the account negative from the bonus. In this case, investors should fund new. In order to save transactions, a new fund will have to be deposited while serving as a buffer in the bonus account.

• The real asset and free margin levels of the investors, who have open positions in the account when the withdrawal is made, are checked. The bonus will be deducted if the actual asset amount is below the main currency while withdrawing money. Even if the free margin status is at a sufficient level, if 80% of the free margin constitutes the current bonus, withdrawal can be made only if the bonus is deducted. For example ; If the free margin is 390 USD in the account with 1000 USD Balance and 300 USD Bonus, 90 USD money can be withdrawn since it constitutes a 300 USD portion of this bonus. However, since less than 20 percent of the $ 390 margin is real assets, this attraction violates the bonus terms, although there is an amount on the principal. If the reason is 90 USD withdrawable profits, 80% free margin is a bonus with open trades and if there is a chance of remaining under the bonus amount in sudden changes, any money withdrawal will be deducted in any withdrawal.